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Auto Meters new Factory Match Diesel Gauge Kits include boost and pyrometer gauges designed to match the OE gauges’ in late model Chevy, Ford, and Dodge diesel trucks. They have factory-matched gauge faces, numbers, and pointers, so they’ll look like the vehicle came with them stock. They even have the same night lighting as OEM. The kits include a pillar pod with the gauges pre-installed and ready to wire.

The Chevy/GM applications come with a boost gauge and pyrometer. The Ford and Dodge applications can be had with a boost gauge and pyrometer only or as a triple-gauge kit with a transmission temperature gauge.


2001-07 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 2500 and 3500 HD with Duramax
1999-2007 Ford F-250/350 Super Duty and Excursion with Powerstroke
2003-06 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 with Cummins



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I’m looking at getting a diesel Ford Excursion soon. I’m looking at getting a paint job, but don’t know what is reasonable. My thinking is a two tone candy blue and candy black color scheme. If candy colors are more expensive (not so sure what the difference is in price), then what would normal colors generally end up costing for this size of vehicle.

Answer by MiMa973

Answer by Gayle W
Well, just so happens im a painter and work for a ford dealership and you can go to a Macao are a fly by night in and out paint shop and your looking at anywhere from 250 to 600 dollars but if you want a Professional paint job it will run you around 4600 to 5200 hundred dollars

Answer by Lance
anywhere from $ 500 to $ 8000.00 and the most expensive is not always the best but the least expensive is usually the worst.



A lot of people are telling me to go diesel when getting the Ford Excursion, I just want one that has the better gas mileage. I’m also thinkin’ about Chevrolet Tahoe z71.

Answer by David
Well i would say you get the Ford Excursion if you have a big family.But, it takes 60.00 dollars to fill up. Its big, really big but can still fit in your garage. The tahoe is smaller. So, if you have a big family but not so big go for that. It can 4×4 if you get the 4×4 and has a automatic start put which is classy. it has three row seats a nice glove compartment. one disc play radio, heat-able seats, but its has not allot of room for groceries. So, in your situation i think you’ll like the Tahoe z71. If you have a big family, like really big go for the Ford Excursion. They both seem the same exept ones bigger and another is smaller. well maybe not cause the Ford Excursion has do more. But they seem the same, there not the same they just seem.

Answer by fodaddy19
The diesel will get marginally better fuel mileage than the gas versions. But they will cost more, even used, maintaince will cost more, and repairs will cost more than the gas models. So you have to weigh all aspects of it to get an idea of what the total running costs area. Fuel economy is only one part of it.

BTW, The Excursion has a 40+ gallon fuel tank. You’ll be paying around $ 170 to fill it up with diesel.

Answer by Boe
I OWN a 2002 excursion Diesel. Milage is 12-15 around town. 18-20 hwy keeping it at 70 mph. I bought it new and am getting ready to roll over 200K mark. Its been in the shop 3 times. 1 under warranty and 2 time when I did not have the equipment to diagnose. Long story short since 02-11 In dealer repairs ive spent 1800 bucks. Not too bad if you ask me.
44 Gallon tank at 4.30 a gallon = EXPENSIVE
Maint cost are expensive as well, oil changes if you do it yourself at 100 buck
Trans service is 200 bucks
100K mark the front end needs rebuild ball joints, tie rods, the works. so keep that in mind.
4×4 system use what called auto hubs. Its a POS design by ford. You can ditch it and put in warren manual hubs block off vacuum lines and never have to worry about it again.
IMPORTANT**** If truck is or came from salt belt area make sure you check the OIL PAN! They are prone to rust and leak. The entire motor has to come out 150 part 1800 bucks labor. So make sure you get under it and check it !!
The weakest link in the truck is the automatic transmission, when it goes 4-5K for a quality rebuild 4K at the dealer.
Note to you 2001 and only 2001 had a mechanical diode problem with the transmission. If its the original walk away from it. It aint when it will go it will go period. A total rebuild is necessary. 02 transmission got the upgraded of steel gears and a triple disc torque converter. Plan on adding an after market 6.0L trans cooler you ll thank me later if you buy one.

If you dont do the maint on it the truck will put you in the poor house. Oh and you best know how to turn a wrench. The gas version of this truck on a good day gets 8mpg, my buddy bought one sold it it put him in the poor house fuel cost wise.
Go over hear and read up on 7.3L http://www.thedieselstop.com/forums/f24/
Check the excursion section too you find out all the issue or know problem with the 7.3L . STAY AWAY FROM THE 6.0L MOTOR ! The great thing about the 7.3L for the most part the average man can work on them. If you cant turn a wrench…..you cry at the dealer. Lots of good info on that site great guys over there.