I changed my oil past, however the oil filter inside my auto was too big for the filter wrench I had, plus was dramatically bigger than the substitution filter I had bought. Is there a cover found on the filter? Is it a specialized kind of filter?

99 Ford Explorer XLT V8 5.0 liter
I do indeed have the 5.0 L, thus I might pay a visit to the element numbers. Thanks a lot.

Answer by ford crazy
they create them inside many models,but because lengthy because it screws about,u ought to be advantageous to go.just tighen it by hand.

Answer by catmandew
You can’t merely put any older filter about. There are certain ones for different motors. Even when it screws about doesn’t indicate the gasket that’s about the outside edge will seal. If it’s too big about, a oil is all going to spill out when you commence the engine.

If indeed we have a 5.0L engine, you really need to utilize among the following piece numbers, depending found on the brand of filter.
Motorcraft FL820S
Fram PH2, TG2, or XG2
Mobil M1-210
Bosch 3410
K&N HP-2010
so forth. Many more brands are accessible, plus I don’t have time to list all of them. I suggest Motorcraft that is the Ford brand.

Are you presently certain we have the 5.0L? Because which engine is very uncommon inside the Explorer. As far because I understand, it just comes inside the “Sport” 2 door model. The rest have 1 or the different of 2 different four.0L machines. Overhead Cam, plus Overhead Valve versions. And the OHC 1 of those may have either standard or metric threads.

If the filter about the engine is a lot heavier about than the 1 we purchased, they clearly gave we the incorrect 1. You should take it back, plus receive the appropriate 1. Ask those to come out plus make certain that engine we have. (presuming it’s nonetheless about there, as well as the engine remains full of oil)

Best of all may be in the event you search for the amount found on the filter that’s nevertheless found on the engine. If it was working, it’s clearly the proper size. Next ask them for the Motorcraft equivalent.

Next ask the salesman to explain to you where they are, plus count how different numbers there are of simply which 1 brand. Each is a different size, 1 method or another.


I am striving to determine between:

2005 9-3 linear
2005 9-5 Arc

What are the variations between? Are there any main issues which you’ve heard regarding (plus please answer with anything more significant than “my mother, aunt, friend has 1 plus it sucks”).

I love the means they look plus I never wish To be another honda/toyota/ford clone found on the road.

Thanks ahead of time! :)

Answer by Scribepalladin
In Saab parlance, Linear is a lower trim level than Arc, as well as the 9-3 is small than the 9-5. A turbocharged 2-liter 4-cylinder engine along with a naturally aspirated V-6 are obtainable in both.

For gas economy, the hot setup is the turbo 4 inside the 9-3, that is wise for 29 mpg found on the highway plus regarding 20 inside the city.

Saabs are inclined to torque steer beneath difficult acceleration, that manifests itself s the vehicle pulling to 1 side. It’s conveniently controllable.

Because the 1960s, Saabs have located the ignition swith found on the floor/console involving the front bucket seats. t’s a protection feature left over within the days whenever ignition keys employed to protrude within the dashboard.

Answer by saaber89
If you’re interested in a advice amongst the 2, I personally might select the 9-5. People have reported many security plus build standard issues with all the 2003-2005 9-3′s. I don’t understand a lot regarding the 9-3, yet I think they got better inside 2006. The interior of the 9-3 is type of plasticky along with a great deal of the contents employed wear out rapidly. For instance the rubber found on the inside door handles breaks plus falls aside. The 9-5 is bigger, more effective, plus more processed. By 2005 the 9-5 is virtually bulletproof. Saab figured out their stuff as well as the 2005 doesn’t suffer because much from a few of the elements the earlier models did, like PCV, sludge, DI cassette failures, etc… Consumer Reports really suggested it plus states it’s a halfway good employed auto. As for motors, there were no V6′s provided by Saab inside 2005. The 9-5 had 1 accessible up till the 2003 model year even so they discontinued it considering they place a bigger turbo found on the 4-cylinder plus got a more effective, less gas-hungry engine. The 2005 Arc might have certain good choices inside it like Prestige Sound plus perhaps vented seats. Linear pertains to Saab’s baseline models with not too numerous choices, nonetheless good though. Great chance.

Answer by Tashfeen Qayyum
SAAB began out because an aircraft producer inside the early 1900’s.

The initially Saab auto was produced inside 1947. The prototype for the initial SAAB was completed inside 1946; the vehicle was officially introduced inside 1947. It had unmistakable highlights of aircraft technology. Its aerodynamic appearance gave a coefficient of air resistance that even now may rank amidst the lowest inside the automotive globe.

The legacy nevertheless lives about. This really is obvious because shortly because we sit behind the wheel in almost any of the SAAB range of cars.

The SAAB range of cars comprise of the SAAB 9-3 Sport Sedan & Sport Combi, SAAB 9-3 Convertible as well as the SAAB 9-5 inside Sedan plus Wagon types.

All are turbo-charged with low rev torque. Unlike different producers SAAB concentrates on
Torque plus acceleration, what we require inside the real planet.

SAAB 9-3 Sport Sedan

In SAAB 9-3 Sport Sedan is true enjoyment about wheels. That playful reaction is there even if we round a street corner or change lanes inside town. The feeling of control or precision of being 1 with all the vehicle both involves plus calms. The ergonomic driver’s environment plus advanced infotainment program create the trips an effective plus relaxing experience.

The aviation-inspired driver’s cockpit to the conveniently reachable controls, the data show makes we sit inside the epicenter of occasions, virtually.

The human body’s senses of feeling plus balance provoke instant reaction event to microscopic movements. The SAAB 9-3 Sport Sedan is made for we to exploit these senses to the full. You feel at 1 with all the automobile plus enhance a range for controlling it. You are able to drive more actively as well as for longer without tiring. If you drive utilizing a body, we drive securely.

EURONCAP offers the SAAB 9-3 Sport Sedan the greatest protection rating, 5 Stars. Behind this ranking lies thorough analysis plus development function surrounding both computerized simulation plus bodily crash testing. Additionally to the around 15 crash tests which authorities the globe over need SAAB arrow for a further 60 or 80 test techniques of their own. SAAB studied over 6000 actual road injuries to supply the SAAB owner real-life protection plus it has motivated a range of protection connected innovations to create SAAB, the safest auto ever tested.

A range of accessories is accessible to create a SAAB a own.

SAAB 9-3 Convertible

The initially SAAB Convertible almost built the idea of the 4 seat 4 season convertible, for virtually 20 years. SAAB has been leading the convertible category plus because expectations were running significant SAAB feels delight inside introducing the fresh SAAB 9-3 Convertible.

It’s THE CONVERTIBLE, considering it unites sleek Scandinavian shape with leading edge technologies plus dynamic handling. Many individuals see convertibles because vehicles for wise weather just yet the SAAB 9-3 convertible is created for pouring rainfall, blinding sunlight, morning breezes, hazy dawns, icy roads, storms, moonlight dropping snow, tender twilight, blizzards, autumn afternoons plus dark nights. It is to be enjoyed. ENJOY!

SAAB turbo motors absolutely result in the auto fun plus worthwhile to drive. If you press found on the accelerator a bit you’ll know the temperament of the sports vehicle. Power is also a protection feature; it makes everyday driving smooth plus overtaking thus much convenient.
All which force is harnessed with a chassis crafted for active driving balance plus consistent behavior. The advanced back axles even takes element inside the steering plus adds stability whenever braking difficult.
In SAAB 9-3 Convertible has the same protection practices of SAAB 9-3 Sedan as well as the SAAB 9-5 Sedan plus Wagon.
The Institute of Car Engineers (IVehE) has provided its prestigious “Sporting Open Award” to the beautiful SAAB 9-3 Convertible.

SAAB 9-5

The SAAB 9-5 is a driver’s auto. Power, control plus precision invite we to drive actively. A high-torque turbo engine plus sensitive chassis promise a stylish driving experience for quick bends plus miles of highway. And whilst we take pleasure in the drive, the travelers might take pleasure in the area as well as the comfortable ride. Should you choose the wagon adaptation, we receive an extra dimension of versatility. For function, time with your loved ones or spontaneous interests. The SAAB 9-5 is tuned for an active existence.
The SAAB 9-5 driver’s environment is quite like a Cockpit. There is a wise review of the instruments as well as the controls are inside advantageous reach.
It is a comfortable environment, assisting we to focus about what exactly is most crucial – the road.
Turbo charging offers SAAB motors impressive torque from low revs plus throughout the medium range. The outcome is effective plus instant mid range reaction. To truly savor it, you’ll need to receive behind the steering wheel.
The chassis plus brakes have to be inside tranquility with all the energy source. SAAB 9-5 has advanced electronic systems causing an immediate sense of control generating the car-safer. The very sensitive chassis with its multi-link back axle is fine tuned to balance sportiness with comfort.
Great vision is important to protection, significant stress washers keep a windscreens clean, auto-dimming mirrors keeps we from being troubled by excellent beams from behind, Xenon Lights supply greater exposure. All of it thus which the driver is not troubled by factors beyond his control plus will enjoy his drive plus focus found on the road.
SAAB 9-5 has been announced the “SAFEST CAR IN SWEDEN” honor by FOLKSAM inside 2003. EURONCAP granted the 5 Stars for protection to SAAB 9-5 plus inside 1998 was announced the “Safest vehicle ever tested.”
No difficulties with 2005 models have been experienced because nearly all of them have been taken care off. I assume you may be a woman thus keeping which inside view I might suggest which we choose the 9-3 Linear due to its size plus agility, it happens to be a new vehicle plus was introduced inside 2003, thus a farly hot model plus hasn’t changed much because then outwardly. 9-5 is an older vehicle today plus was established inside yhe year 1998 along with a fresh 9-5 is expected to be coming inside because a 2014 model. It has had 2 facelifts because then however the fundamentals stay the same. I have been functioning for SAAB for 15 years today plus very suggest these vehicles without prejudice. No auto inside the planet is trouble free however, when my lifetime depended about it I might somewhat be inside a SAAB.
I hope which I have answered a query inside detail plus to the reassurance.