I have a 03 ford escape xlt 3.0 130.000 miles on it.Just recently did an oil change,oil filter,fuel filter,spark plug change,aka tune up. I have had this suv for 3 months. Me and my mom have noticed since i bought it theres a burning smell everytime i drive it and come to a stop,smell like something is burning,rubberish something like that?,from the front,engine area i dont know?


Answer by Joshua
look around in the engine area for frayed wires or anything that could be burning

Answer by mc
Check and see if you ran over a plastic bag that has stuck to the catalytic converter. It will stink every time the exhaust gets hot. If its on there you will have to scrap it off.

Answer by bandit_60
check the valve pan gaskets. you might have 1 leaking oil down on the manifold and smoking.

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