I want a Ford Escape, but my dad wants to get me Jeep Grand Cherokee. The main reason I want the Ford is because I’m trying to get a smaller, narrower SUV (something more maneuverable in tight parking lots and narrow roads). I’m pretty sure my dad is going to get a used Grand Cherokee anyways, because the 2002 Escapes had recalls.

So my question is: How much bigger is the Grand Cherokee? Is it going to be hard to drive in a school parking lot? Am I going to have trouble sharing the road when going through narrow, curvy streets? And what is the gas mileage comparison between 02 Escapes and 02 Grand Cherokees?
Lastly: Overall, which car would you prefer?


Answer by cody
I prefer the escape. Either car is narrow enough to share the road but it will be a lot harder for the driving test and the file economy is better on the escape because it is lighter

Answer by Sharron
The Escape is smaller, and handles more easily that’s what I experienced. The Cherokee is much bigger, and really rides like a truck.

Answer by Alex
Jeep Grand Cherokees are a lot easier to drive than most people think. My dad has a 2014 Grand Cherokee and it drives just like a car. He has had many Grand Cherokees in the past and has loved them. It is a lot better than a Ford Escape and they last a lot longer. Grand Cherokees also have a really good turning radius which will make parking in tight spots really easy.

I love both of these models but I want to know which is more dependable. I want a safe car that will last a long time.

Answer by C7S
The Ford will last longer and is better on gas, but the Jeep is bigger, more comfortable, quieter, can tow lots of weight, is better offroad, has more space overall.