Ok so to start things off I’m 18 years old. I’m in the military. I have a wife and no kids. Someone offered to buy my vehicle but I need to buy a new one before I sell it. I’m wanting to buy a fairly new vehicle from a dealership none specific. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 2014. 2014,2011,2010 somewhere around that range. I know my credit is not fantastic. It’s a high score but its new credit. So I know I can’t get an awesome new Camaro without the monthly payment and insurance being way high. I am into muscle Cars in and trucks. My insurance payment as of right now with a 2014 Ford F-150 Ext Cab v6 Sport edition is 96$ a month.
So what I am asking is with these conditions. What would be a good price range be to look at for a vehicle that is a muscle car or a truck. Examples of vehicles I am into are Camaro,Charger,Challenger,Tundra,Frontier, any super duty Truck.
thanks for any advice

Answer by Ken
You can save hundreds of dollars if you register the car yourself.Dealers tack on way more in fees then are needed.

Answer by bahlorm
I am trying to understand what you are wanting information about.
Do you need a new vehicle or do you want one? There’s a difference between the two. Are there things more important right now you should be worried about or is this what should be on your mind. When it comes to dealerships they always leave room to negotiate. Don’t let them sell you sticker price. If they ever tell you that they will be losing money on a car from dropping a few hundred dollars then they are lying out their ass because they make huge profits.
I would personally go with a truck rather than a muscle car. Mainly because all the newer so called muscle cars are lacking on the muscle unless you get the fully upgraded completely built ones which are outrageous in price, and still only a little bit faster. Now days they are just designed for looks where as trucks are still functional, if not better than ever before and still reliable, domestic cars are lacking more and more in reliability.

Answer by mccoyblues
Any financial adviser will tell you that your car should cost no more than 50% of your yearly income. Being in the military may be a different situation since your pay and expenses are not typical but you can still use this as a guideline.

I don’t know what you make but if you earned $ 40k a year, that means you can afford a $ 20K vehicle.

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