1st truck buying it and I want anything that would very last a really long time with minimum concerns

Answer by fodaddy19
I’d go with the five.0L, significantly less complex, and the real globe mileage is about the very same.

Response by Purple
The 5. is a wonderful motor. Id be ready to bet the ecoboost well have one thing go incorrect very first.

Solution by Brent
five.0L would seem to have concerns with oil intake. It really is possibly that or a three.7L v6 you need to go with, although.

If I could have stood an additional $ 10k of payments, I would have regarded an ’11-later truck. Went four.6L and an ’08 rather. ’09-ten with that junk 24-valve Triton design and style was not an choice.

Pondering of getting one these days but I go through that some folks have experienced a widespread issue with the Eco… I wanna preserve some fuel funds but I want a truck that would final me for a really quite prolonged time. I would envision the turbo in the Eco would go negative on me way quickly as properly.

Response by FORD
If you want a truck that will previous than I would not recommend the Eco Improve. Although in theory it seems like a wonderful notion the downside is that when the turbos blow they charges a fortune to substitute. The Eco Enhance has two turbos and if they have to be exchange every turbo can expense up to a thousand bucks additionally other components and labour.

If you a re looking for gasoline efficiency than in accordance to Ford the F150 three.seven V6 Will get seventeen mpg town and 23 mpg freeway even though the Eco Boost three.5 will get 16 mpg town and 22 mpg highway.

So the standard 3.seven V6 is not only less costly to buy but it really is also cheaper to maintain since there are no high-priced turbos. In addition it gets one mpg far better mileage, not amazing mileage, but just a bit far better than the Eco Improve.

Reply by Brent
What that man stated. Even the three.7L v6 as the base engine proper out of the Mustang gets 302 horsepower/280 torque. The Ecoboost appears to have some kinks ironed out for ’13, but if you are on a price range, that is not eh way to go.