when is the earliest date i could get a ford f one hundred fifty raptor in

north the usa


Solution by fodaddy19
They go on sale this summertime, I read sometime in June. I would wait around for the 6.2L Boss V8 to get there though. The initial batch of raptors will have the 5.4L

Solution by Nathan M
The initial design will be the 2014 which will be out later this summer season. But if you are heading to buy a single you should wait around until it receives the six.2L engine which I believe will be offered for the 2014 model.

My BF is at the moment up to date with his automobile notes, however considering that it is a truck (2007 ford f-a hundred and fifty lariat) its wastes way also considerably gasoline specifically with the gasoline rates these times… at the time he acquired it he didnt know the gasoline was heading to be jacked up the way it has.. in any case appropriate now he is battling to pay out his truck but is taking care of to be up to date… he does not want it any more so nowadays he took it to the dealership in which he purchased to see if he could trade it in.. the sales man informed him it was not feasible since at the time of purchase his truck was really worth $ 30,000 now its value about $ 15,000 and he adviced him to contact the lender and explain to them he doesnt want it and that he voluntarily is providing it again and it wont depend as a repo.. I said “yeah if only it was that straightforward” i have researched before and I know they take it back again, rely it as a repo, harm your credit, market the auto at auction, and then make you pay out the big difference. . am I proper? If so what othe options does he have?… Thanks

Answer by MrsCunningham
Of course, you are appropriate. That is named a voluntary repo. Your bf has no decision. Both he pays for the car, or has it repo’s. The financial institution will not include the decline. It is his responsibility

Response by src50
You are appropriate. A voluntary repo has the very same impact as an involuntary a single. If he can keep it, he need to try out – even if it indicates a second work.

Response by Bee
You are completely right. They will do specifically what you just described.

The vehicle salesman is also right in that its worth much less than what he paid out for it.

Both try and market it for what he owes privately (which is gonna be tough) or go to a tiny credit rating union in your town and have the thing refinanced. You’d be shocked at how significantly you can preserve.

The business that financed the motor vehicle will repossess it right after he’s three months late on payments. Effectively, thats how extended it used to take, they may give a lil a lot more leeway than prior to in this day and age.