2014 FORD F 250 MPG

Here is where I am going to sound like a spoiled little asshole, but I honestly work hard. A few months ago, my dad bought a 1990 ford f-250 diesel for me. It is in his name, and he said when I turn 18 i will have the choice to buy it from for what he paid (1000$ ) The truck needs work, it needs new floors, new corners and we are making a flatbed because there isn’t much left of the bed. I was so happy with this. I was looking forward to patching the floors and having my dad teach me to weld. But he just got a deal on a 1996 (or somewhere around there) dodge gas truck. I think that it is alright, but I really don’t make enough at any of my jobs that it is smart to drive a full size gas truck. The thing is getting about 8 mpg with gas. The ford is getting about 18mpg on diesel. I really want to diesel, but my dad wants me to have the gas truck because it is safer (airbags) and needs less work (the bed is good, the corners are okay) But it has almost as many miles on it as the ford and the body is beat to hell (it was somebodys farm truck). How can I ask my dad for the ford without sounding like an ungrateful prick. I mean,. both are his until I buy it and move out, but he is going to sell the one he doesn’t keep. On top of this, my mom is positive that we need to sell a truck because she is getting a suburban (there are six of us, and the only car that we have that fits all of us is a big 4 door gmc. She hates the gmc and wants him to sell that. I also think my dad wants to keep the diesel as his own because with only 150000 miles on it, for 1000 bucks he basically go the best deal of his life. Should I be happy about the dodge? And not say anything? I don’t like the sound of 8 or 9mpg. I know the biggest thing for them is airbags. But I really fell in love with this ford. What would your kid have to say to keep the ford?
I am not allowed to have more than one other kid in my truck at a time. It isn’t even legal to have kids in your bed unless you have farm tags.
My dad hates minivans. He is the kind of guy who has a 4 door gmc -_- wears a cowboy hat all day every day… You have to meet him. We will never have a mini van. Anyways, suburbans are really nice cars. I really want him to get a cj8 scrambler because that would be a really cool car for six of us. haha

Answer by y
Print out your question and hand it to him, see where it leads.

Answer by Ethel
There are 6 of us, we fit in a mini-van. Mennonite families of 10 fit in vans. Only people I see in Suburbans are families of 4 with a oversold middle aged woman driving them.

I think for keeping the diesel you need to sell that the price of gas isn’t going down anytime soon and at 8mpg you won’t be able to do what you need to do. Plus as a flatbed the most you’re going to fit in your truck is 3 people so it will be safer then driving a bunch of people in the bed of a regular truck.

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