I have a 2002 ford f250 v10 truck and I want to transform it into a diesel and a 5 velocity. I also want to alter the motor into a v8. I just want to figure out how much it will value to do that or to at minimum alter the motor into a v8 and not make it a diesel

Response by Shellback
It will be less expensive and much more price powerful to trade your truck or promote it and go purchase a different truck with the options you want, instead than attempting to convert yours.

Response by Gordon L
It will price however a lot you want to pay for a new truck. If you will not like what you have, market it and get what you want, because it will cost as much a substitution truck to modify to a diesel, unless of course you are an expert diesel mechanic and have an additional truck laying around for the elements.

there’s gasoline in the rail and has spark. plugs aren’t fouled possibly. when i turn the key, the gasoline pump doesn’t kick on just before commencing but the relay is brand name new. i hardwired it and the pump operates but the truck still does not start. managing out of possibilities and really require assist.
it cranks but wont change above.

Answer by chris w
poor starter, Jammed Ac unit, Smog sensors absent negative, locked up crank, the list is endless time to just take it to the store.

Response by TJ
Free distributor/timing situation?

Reply by subwoofer15inch
Check out the other fundamentals like alternator, sensors and never forget about the laptop, could be a wire spliced somewhere in there, gasoline pump may be weak, verify fuel pressure. If you have a manual it will be less difficult to rule stuff out just hold examining things.