I have to understand how countless 2004 F250 Ford Harley Davidson Trucks were prepared. The 1 I have is Black plus Orange. It is a super duty, 4 door, diesel.

Answer by bandit_60
a harley is a engine cycle along with a ford 250 is a truck.

Answer by fodaddy19
They were the best trim level accessible, however they weren’t a limited manufacturing model or anything. As for creation numbers, I’m not certain, there were about 930,000 F-Series pickups yielded inside 2004 though than involves The F-150/250/350/etc. Maybe somebody else may have a more particular quantity for we.


Can a 2014 Ford F150 Harley Davidson haul a 3 horse bumper pull horse trailer? I can at the many be hauling 2 horses nevertheless when inside a blue moon hauling 3 horses.

Answer by The Horse Source – R.I.P Rylie
I never see why not. A F250 may be a bit more “for sure” yet I’m certain a F150 will haul it really fine. When we receive previous F250 we basically have thus much horsepower we may haul the planet.

Answer by syndi g
I wouldn’t pull with it.. Not which the engine couldn’t handle it.. We will have issues with the back end plus transmission inside the lengthy run… I equally will be worried regarding without enough truck to help from trouble.. like fish tailing etc..
Look at the owners manual plus discover out what the truck is rated for plus go from there.. remember to incorporate the fat of the horses to the trailer.

Answer by Mordi
A F150 cannot haul a 3 horse bumper pull trailer. Even when it’s aluminum it will be too much fat. I drive a GMC 1500 that is equivilant plus it has the towing package about it plus i just pull a 2 horse. For a truck like ours it will be secure to pull 7,000 or 8,000 lbs.

Below are certain rough estimates “when they are aluminum”

2 Horse Trailer with Tack Room 4400 lbs
3 Horse Trailer with Tack Room 5100 lbs
3 Horse Trailer with Tack plus Dressing space may weigh about 10,000 lbs

We nevertheless need to add inside horses, feed, tack etc.. thus like my 2 horse weighs 7,000 lbs whenever its totally loaded plus allow me tell we its all my 1500 wants.