When I close my gas cap I don’t twist it very hard, just a light click or two, because if I close it all the way I can’t get it back off with the arthritis in my hands. Is this OK or does it cause problems with the gas tank? It’s not loose enough to cause a check engine light

Answer by Johnny Carino
It might cause your check engine light to come on periodically. Also, it may allow dirt particles and rocks to get in your gas tank.

Answer by ruskinflgator
The Check Engine light is the key. Of course, keeping dirt and water out of the tank is important, and with E15 in gas these days, even a dewy night can cause water to be attracted to the gas. But more importantly, the onboard computer checks to make sure that the fuel tank is sealed. As long as the cap ‘clicks” at least twice, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Answer by Donnie
its very important,i bought a brand new ford fiesta and the first time i fueled it up i left the cap loose and on came the engine light,if its not tight the light will come on,so try and tighten it up if possible other than that it won’t cause any other problems.

The engine warning light keeps coming on in my Ford Fiesta 52 reg???
It has been to the garage 3 times now and it still keeps coming
back on after driving it a couple of times.
The coil pack and some of the leads have been changed but still no joy.
What could be the problem???
They did a diagnostic which showed a cylinder 3 fault. I will post the full fualt description as soon as I get my hands on the report sheet….

Answer by the joker
it could be as simple as a shorted wire (ben there done that got the T shirt) or your taking it to a half ass shop and there is a big!!!!! problem but if it is running ok and isnt acting up its probly just a bad wire next time take it to the ford dealer

Answer by bobweb
Your mechanics are simply resetting the check engine light, but the problem is not being fixed as you now realize. The error codes they read out of your computer lead them to a diagnostic procedure they are supposed to follow. It sounds like you have an “engine cylinder misfire” which can be caused by MANY things.

Answer by shaggy1353
time to ind a new garage , this garage is taking all the sunshine out of your festiva, check engine lights can be on for a loose gas cap or a major sensor issue…go to a parts store where they read the codes for free, then write on this forum and give the codes or code that are present and then someone on this forum can give you the answer on what needs repairing…3 times at the same shop with the same issue? they don’t know or cant figure out whats wrong, this is very common issue with some repair shops, these cars are complicated and sometimes they just don’t have the tools or experience to figure out intermittent issues, good luck

I have a X reg Ford Fiesta 1.25, 16 vale.

The car started chugging when driving, also chugs when in neutral and revved low just over 1000 rpm and the engine management light has come on

I have checked the oil and water and were low but now topped up but still chugging

any ideas????

Answer by Daniel C
Sounds like a misfire. Check your spark plugs, spark plug wires, and coil pack(s) in respective order.