Well, that of the 4 thus we think will be the number one? It will be bought because fresh naturally. If you will be thus type because to list them from right to worst inside a opinion, it will be a lot thus appreciated

Answer by Bubba B
Ford Focus is quantity one

Answer by pbleek
Nissan Sentra followed by the Focus, toss up amongst the Caliber as well as the Compass, both are the same improperly build platform.

Answer by FleetTech
Ford Focus. Really good, great gas mileage, good security.

OK because episode the 1 woman presenter has a showdown between a Subaru WRX (non STI) along with a Golf GTI , The Golf beat the WRX by 2.0 sec plus which i think is abit of a unfair comparison, isn’t it?

I have enjoyed vehicles loose however by which margine!, thats a bit brash.

First off isnt a Golf GTI inside the same class because the ,2.0 Ford Focus ST, 2.0-Opel Astra OPC , or Subaru 2.0 WRX (STI)?

She states the subaru was turbo charged however, thats a load of poo! , truly the only turbo charged variation of the subaru’s are the STI’s is the fact that not right?, as well as the Subaru she took out wasn’t an STI.

Shouldnt the showdown been – Golf GTI versus Subaru WRX STI? The camera angle they show found on the subaru makes it well-defined which there was clearly no STI badge about it thus for me that has been a bit unfair.

What do you think?, Isnt a Golf GTI inside the same class because a Subaru WRX STI?

Answer by AdviceFromMerv
I can’t comment regarding the specs of these vehicles outside the US nevertheless…

In the states the WRX is the quicker auto. The 0-60 of the WRX is about 5 sec, when the VW is regarding 6-ish.

Below, the WRX is turbo. But, the Impreza is not, however, shares the same body design. The STi, of coarse is the excellent performance 1.

The WRX is merely the quicker automobile, specifically considering its all wheel drive may create it a rocket from a dead stop. I’ve watched them at the race track completely KILL Corvettes off the line (plus often even the entire quarter mile).

So inside the finish, an American spec WRX might actually be quicker than a GTI. The STi might completely murder it additionally.

Not which I hate VWs, they merely aren’t my cup of tea.