5 presidents served throughout the Vietnam War: Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, plus Gerald Ford. Of these 5, Which may think which he had accomplished the many throughout the Vietnam War? What has every president accomplished.

Answer by daron s
not jfk coz he began the war

Answer by clusp
Ho Chi Minh. He accomplished the many by winning.

Answer by Thanatos
All of these presidents did anything big, I not certain. I forgot whom Nixon was.


What impact did his techniques wear the war plus found on the American public mood?

Answer by Gerald Cline
Nixon advised the South Vietnamese government they might need to take over the fighting considering he was going to pull the American ground troops out. The antiwar movement sought him to surrender to Hanoi, plus whenever he accumulated the ARVN plus executed a fighting withdrawal rather of cutting plus running (causing big American casualties) they went berserk plus accused him of growing the war.

Despite the antiwar protesters as well as the biased media that sought to find an American military beat with thick American causalities, the American public approved of Nixon’s move. The antiwar movement advertised to talk for the American folks, in 1972 the American individuals talked for themselves. The antiwar movement got an antiwar prospect inside found on the Democratic ticket that guaranteed to surrender to Hanoi. They believed their own propaganda, plus were certain he might win with a big margin. Instead Nixon earned by the largest landslide inside American history as much as which point completely repudiating the antiwar movements claims.

Whenever Nixon forced the North Vietnamese to signal a cease-fire inside 1973 many Americans were completely happy with this result. It was what you were striving to do all along.

Answer by staisil
President Nixon’s initial main foreign plan focus was about ending the War inside Vietnam. He followed a double track, about 1 hand decreasing direct American participation inside the fighting by Vietnamization- turning over more plus more of the ground fighting straight to the Vietnamese. Simultaneously the fighting was extended to neighboring Cambodia to destroy North Vietnamese sanctuaries. Many of Nixon’s actions specifically his attack into Cambodia met with violent protest. After his attack about Cambodia the demonstration included ones at Kent State University inside that 4 pupils were killed by the National protect.

While the war was going about Nixon’s nationwide protection consultant Henry Kissinger was included inside negotiations to end the war. In January 1973 the United States plus North Vietnam finalized a peace treaty. Under whose terms there was clearly a cease-fire, return of American prisoners of war, continued presence of US civilian advisors, along with a procedure towards achieving a final peace agreement. The peace failed plus throughout the Ford Presidency the North conquered the South.