i have a 2001 ford target that i not too long ago alter the oil, spark plug, cables, and furthermore i flush the transmission. My automobile has 91,000 miles only and some people say it can be the idle or the timing belt. my car stall when im caught in visitors and sometime in stoplight, but it switch right back on. what can be the difficulty.

Answer by ramcharger
most likely the throttle positioning sensor undesirable,could also be the throttle body and gasoline injectors need cleaning.

Answer by Mike
If the examine motor mild is not on, then it is not 1 of the monitored sensors. Many of the early Concentrate versions had gas pump problems. That would be my suspicion.

BTW, given that you might be approaching a hundred,000 miles, you need to have the timing belt replaced quickly. Around $ two hundred, relying on the labor charge in your location.

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I personal a 2001 Ford Focus SE, bought it with about 109,000 miles on it, and it at the moment has a little in excess of 111,000 miles, and I figure it is a very good time to change my oil (ahead of the winter season hits and all).

What sort of oil ought to I use? The man I bought it from mentioned he has utilised synthetic oil and it is highly advised to use artificial oil, and from study I have discovered it is Motor Craft oil. My question is this: What Precise oil need to I use? Do I want Motor Craft, or can I go with a artificial from Castrol Syntec, and I do not know whether my Concentrate makes use of 5w-20, 5w-thirty or what ever.

Also I need to have the type of filter I need to have, as I will be modifying the oil and these kinds of in my Vehicle Shop course.

Solution by Bobzilla
First of all, I feel the most typical kind of oil is 10W-thirty. These numbers are different for different climates. You would almost certainly need five- or ten-W-thirty oil for wintertime. Also, I believe MotorCraft oil is the greatest for a Ford because it is made and offered by Ford. I think artificial oil is overrated. Synthetic from Castrol Syntec would perform great although. Most filters are very equivalent, so I normally use Fram, MotorCraft, or STP.

Response by spamme4444
Open up your Owner’s Handbook. It will explain to the correct quality. A guess on my component is 5W30 for all year close to. I advocate any Artificial Oil, dear but is worth it. All Artificial oils are fairly much the identical, so shop about and use the proper weight in accordance to you manual.

Solution by JTECH13
The oil you ought to use is dictated by the climate in which you live. 10W-30 is nearly extinct in the car entire world. Ford implies 5W-30 or 5W-20 in nearly all of it really is gasoline engines. There will be a chart in the owners handbook that will inform you specifically what to use in the temperature selection you reside in. As for the filter just acquire a excellent quality element like wix or hastings, the motorcraft part is very good as properly. Artificial oil is undoubtedly Ok, you can increase the oil adjust intervals and it offers greater viscosity balance particularly in cold climates.


I am striving to get an oil modify for my 2014 ford emphasis and have been told several times to use artificial oil for my automobile. However, each place I go to consider and get it altered it is drastically far more high-priced to get an oil adjust making use of artificial oil. So my concern is, is it essential that I use totally synthetic oil? Would it damage my engine if I experimented with using non artificial oil?

Response by British isles Father
You must use the recommended lubricants.
Indeed completely artificial is high-priced but how significantly is a new motor.
Search in the large avenue car accessory merchants It is not essential to use the most expensive brand name as lengthy as it fulfills manufacturers specs.

Solution by jeepster123
yes, you will wreck your motor if you dont. thats why folks should appear at upkeep charges prior to acquiring a car. dont permit any individual inform you its not required.

Solution by Bluto B
What does your owners guide get in touch with for. Use that! Making use of goofy world wide web tips is at your personal peril genius.