I was thinking when they did today which all these hot plus up-to-date standard GT models are out with huge horse energy. I have a 2000 Ford Mustang GT plus it’s inside advantageous form plus it nevertheless runs, thus I’m merely interested regarding these high end ones I’ve constantly loved to gawk at whenever I was young. Although, I nonetheless laugh at the kids which receive a Saleen decal whenever it’s a V6 haha, that I’ve watched individuals do before. I’m not suggesting I will afford 1, yet I was really interested where I will really consider a hot model online when they nevertheless create them. On the official Ford url I couldn’t discover the Cobra or Saleen. However, hey..a man will consider cool vehicles right? Are there any hot models of the Saleen or Cobra?

Answer by PMack
You won’t discover Saleen Mustangs found on the Ford site considering they are modified by Saleen, not Ford. There are them here:


Ford hasn’t tacked found on the Cobra name to the Mustang inside years, yet the GT500 is basically the present equivalent, it’s undoubtedly the quickest Mustang ever within the factory.

Answer by volksdragon
yes cobra, ford duz not create saleen, saleen

is mfct 2014 sallen

Answer by Vicky
They are not called “Cobra” anymore. These are typically called ” Shelby GT500″ plus nevertheless bear the Cobra emblem.
See the 2014 Mustang brochure by getting the e-version:


Saleen is an aftermarket conversion which is not completed at the Ford factory. plus Yes, Steve Saleen is doing a 2014



I only turned 18 years of age plus i have the possibility to receive a 2004 mitsubishi lancer or perhaps a 2003 ford mustang saleen V-8,keeping my insurance plus fuel costs in your mind,which will be the beter choice??? thanks ahead of time!!! =D

Answer by L.o.k.
well the evo offers we greater insurance plus i think it must provide we greater milage plus i like to state the saleen takes a 93 octane gas however i’m not certain look which up cuz inside cali its certainly truly difficult to locate a fuel station with which, plus utilizing the incorrect level of gas can decrease a energy, clearly with those vehicles the going to race, i might, plus when the going to function about it the evo is greater plus awd assists inside touge fashion races, naturally if you need to keep it easy plus drag then receive the saleen the more energy is put to greater use

But its not a ford mustang. Its like a upgrade or anything. Its driveing me crazy!

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Answer by ellabella0110
A Saleen?

Answer by mannie23free
It’s called Shelby cobra!