Also, is it potential to obtain a “kit car” for the ’66 Mustang? What machines are accessible for a ’66 Mustang kit automobile?

Answer by SVOMAN
sorry, no kit vehicle, yet many components

Below are certain specs http://boxwrench.net/specs/ford_289_302-5.0.htm
truly the only motors which might fit inside the early Mustangs (65 plus 66) are the 302,289,260,250,200,170 as a result of the narrow engine bay built within the coil towers.

Actually they all came out inside the 65/66 Mustang except the 302 plus 250 that came out inside 68/69 Horse force ranged from 120 inside the six to 271 inside the 8.
lots more info here

Answer by the bad seed
there were many significant performance choices a blown 302 was the best .. no need for a kit buy the real thing i see them daily
both my brother plus my brother inside law have them

Answer by Rinjaa
The V8 Had 220 hp. In 1966 with a new engine then your 65 that had 120 hp.


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I have a 1969 ford mustang with a v6 inside it. I like to perhaps fit a big block v8 inside it. What is the largest displacement which can well fit inside my engine bay? Thanks

Answer by Old Man Dirt
The 1969 Mustang has enough space for some of the Ford blocks, it was crafted to support them.

Answer by Van Bo
Yes, any, to go previous 429, as much as a 460 Lincoln or even more.

Answer by Richard
The FE (390, 427, 428) series machines might fit “comfortably” . The 385-Lima series motors (429-460) might need sheet metal operation, notching the shock towers inside the engine bay.

The hot setup here is to utilize a Dove or Shelby 427 aluminum block plus heads inside combination with a 428 stroker crank to understand a 448 CID combination which might look “stock”…. It only takes cubic dollars