The truck is a 2008 Ford F 150 4 door quick bed. I would do it myself but I don’t know how and I am on a slow personal computer.

P.S. My truck is white, lifted and the lights are blacked out. I just want to see what it would seem like if I had been to paint it grabber blue like the new Ford Mustangs

Thank so a lot !!

Solution by tyler
If you never have any luck below try a ford or f150 forum they typically have a area in which individuals will do this.

Okai so I am gonna get a vehicle for my birthday. My dad desires to get me a good car like a camaro… But he also questioned me what I needed. I’m a female. I will not want a bug.. I want like not to expensive but really nice automobile beneath $ twenty,000 .. I am most likely seeking a 4 door vehicle but that also goes rapidly .. Nicely a 2 doorway is fine. So please assist me and give me some excellent vehicles.. Many thanks !

Answer by Veteran Voter
The Dodge Charger has four doors, seems, and kick!

Response by Maryanne
i would say a honda they final for ever and great with gasoline and milage. I have one given that I was 15 and its nevertheless in quite great problem. I really like hondas )

Solution by Brandon
i think you could get an Acura 2013 tsx for a minimal 20 they are zippy and powerful and are fantastic driving. also take into account a honda accord coupe and a nissan altima coupe (both new)