which is greater. list inside purchase inside that you think is better

Answer by Brian
Ummm a Mustang GT costs $ 28000 base. A camaro ZL1 is $ 50000 base…..

Then a more fair comparison will be a 2014 Mustang Boss 302 ($ 42k) versus 2014 Camaro ZL1 ($ 50k) versus 2014 Challenger SRT-8 ($ 44k)

The Boss 302 might definitely CRUSH the Challenger SRT-8, seeing Simply the Mustang GT beats it inside many regions. Challenger is MUCH heavier than the Mustang. The Challenger had been a big flop inside regards to performance

So its absolutely amongst the Mustang Boss 302 as well as the Camaro ZL1 as well as its difficult to state considering the ZL1 hasn’t been introduced thus there’s no real testing performed

Now the Boss 302 found on the alternative hand has been gunning down its more pricey rivals. These are truly the initially generation of mustang which handles GREAT. The Boss 302 has run better lap occasions found on the laguna seca road course (that’s proper, NOT merely inside a straight line) than a corvette Z06, Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, BMW M3, Mustang Shelby GT500, plus more for MUCH LESS funds than the competitors.

If I had to guess, The ZL1 will be even heavier than the absolutely portly SS Camaro. It’ll go rapidly inside a straight line yet feel like a boat about a turn. Probably might Beat the Boss 302 inside a straight line with a small nevertheless will be left inside the dust about a turn. More horsepower isnt constantly the answer.

I’d go with a 2014 Mustang Boss 302. Its absolutely being called the number one Mustang ever built as well as the right bang for a buck sports vehicle of the generation. It outperforms vehicles triple plus quadruple the cost of the Boss 302

Answer by Get we tried Google Lately
mustang, because the challengers a joke ,plus till the ZL1 really comes out there’s no method to absolutely compare it to the others

Hello thus im 17 years of age plus my parents are obtaining me a auto tomorrow. They agreed about a sports auto thus im choosing either a camaro or perhaps a mustang. I was only thinking that 1 is quicker plus handles greater. Thanks

Answer by F N
Chevy Camaro, plus see the following links: