I have an wonderful opportunity to get a tremendous cheap, ~94ish model Ford Mustang. The human body seems awful but the motor and transmission are even now pretty good. What helps make and types would be the easiest to put this in?

Answer by It’sSupercharged!2000
Yet another Mustang from the exact same technology. You might be able to make that work with a Cougar with no also considerably difficulty.

Reply by Jeremy
1st Gen RX7 with a blown up motor. Weighs considerably much less and if you go to you may find a kit to drop that splendor in.


I want a diecast design of a 1985 ford mustang five. gt constrained version. Doe any individual know in which maybe I can get a single custom manufactured for my boyfriend?
Many thanks

Solution by kelly_f_1999
ebay a very good area to start but you can kind in diecast model 1985 ford mustang and also uncover it

Answer by SVOMAN for?p=Diecast%20model%20of%20a%201985%20Ford%20Mustang?


Is there any massive differences between this two versions of Ford Mustang? (V6)

Solution by Savannah Male
No differences between individuals two several years. In reality, the only “major” modifications this era (2005-2009) noticed were soybean-materials seats starting in 2008 and the glass roof choice in 2013.

Reply by Brandon
2010 was the large functionality modify for the new era

Solution by stangace20
two years, in any other case nothing