I have a 98 ford ranger and I want to set in a contact monitor radio/cd participant no gps. the wires from the truck are fried and Frey they want all new connects… whats the average expense to redo all the connects and set up the radio… if any references in buffalo ny you should allow me no asap it really is terrible with no a radio lol… thanks!

Reply by drvshaftdrew
i know right here in Canada the value would be about two hundred to three hundred if the wiring is fired as u say but at times its very best to ask a Good friend in ur spot to suggest someone who may well do the work on the aspect and help save u a great deal of coin hope this solution aids a bit great luck

Reply to the earlier mentioned concern GREED!!!, we all know this by now. This nation is run by massive organization and as lengthy as they are in handle, the minor guy will usually get rid of. I have had a Flex Fuel vehicle because 2000 (Ford Ranger) and to this day there are no gasoline stations in Northern California that provide this gasoline. Even when this sort of gasoline i accessible it will be supplied previously mentioned the $ two.00 per gallon range. Hey America, take a lesson from Brazil.

Answer by Nick, competitive swimmer
simply because there was a flood in some component of the US
the economy fell
and therefor the costs went up since the benefit of their forex went down
and canada unfortunately fell with it

Answer by calnickel
Its not. Take a search at gasoline rates about the planet and the United states is low cost!! Europe pays practically $ eight a gallon for fuel!!

The united states, cease acquiring SUVs and join the relaxation of the world with Kyoto. Then your charges will go down.

And Canada hasn’t fallen as much as the US. $ .ninety exchange rate is seeking pretty very good in contrast to $ .63

Response by amy m
you want greed I reside in australia and lead to of war and organic catastrophe our gasoline is all around $ one.fifty per litre i would get rid of for $ 2 a gallon


My boyfriend just bought this truck these days and he requested me to seem it up but I are unable to look to uncover it everywhere online… Help!!! Haha.

Solution by Cole
The 2.3L Ford Ranger requires four.26 Litres of 5W20 grade Motorcraft or other oil.

The Motorcraft Part Variety for the filter is an FL-400S Oil filter.

Reply by gearbox
The Ford tech is correct in Canada, In the US it truly is four one/2 qts of 5w20 oil

(Both of us are proper however relying upon in which you dwell)