I might like to modify a Ford Transit Link to provide as a modest, efficient RV. I have located some fantastic sources for this presently (including https://diyconversions.com/) but really like what I discovered at http://www.motorhomeroadtrip.com/rentals/happy_1-ford_transit_join_or_related_139333_motorhome_motorhome_and_rv_journey.html and am attempting to determine out the place I can acquire these varieties of issues in the US? Like the mattress part and the dresser?

If these types of issues are less difficult to make or transform from boating furniture or something else please share your thoughts. I’m just essentially striving to make precisely what you see in the second website link for my very own little RV with no as well several bells and whistles and keep the value minimal. Thanks!

Response by Ray
Go to your neighborhood lumber lawn, purchase many sheets of plywood and two by lumber to make them. Developed-ins make perception in an RV conversion, and you are unable to acquire a piece of household furniture to specifically suit the space but you can make them. I experienced a 1961 Econoline that I created a mattress, cupboard and refrigerator stand for. Triangulation will support get rid of motion and distortion. Use glue and screws. Bone up on appropriate wood joinery (for toughness). Purchase a desk saw for precision cuts.


I am living in United states, and news say Ford preparing to dropped E series entire dimension van, replace with Transit, it gonna be T150, T250, T350, T450 for motorhome, and T550 for towing provider or dumpsters.

Are they alike Ford E sequence? Smaller sized or larger?

I actually like Mercedes Sprinter but expensive on almost everything.

Response by Richard 127
in accordance to prime equipment if you outfit one w/ the engine from a jaguar XJ220 it can be a whole lot of exciting in drag races,lol

Answer by cobrajet
The Ford Transit Link is really little. It’s a single of the smallest European fashion vans out there now. It is as well modest to be functional for a lot far more than modest deliveries or if you do not need to preserve significantly materials/equipment on it. Dodge makes a Sprinter as nicely and it will be more affordable than the Mercedes but essentially the very same motor vehicle. Freightliner can make one and is a single of the larger Euro type vans obtainable. Nissan even makes one now but it’s fairly unsightly.
Discontinuing the Econoline after many, numerous a long time of production is a enormous blunder but then once more so is discontinuing the Crown Vic. Ford will unfastened Lots of market share. A silly decision all all around.
The Transit is a horribly pathetic substitution and it is the total reverse of the entire size E-sequence vans. Econolines have lots of cargo ability and square footage, are developed on hard truck frames, have potent engines, can tow some thing heavy, and are all around best perform vans. Transits have extremely minor cargo space or potential, are developed with out a total frame(wimpy unibody), have only 1 wimpy two.0L engine offered(the Focus even gets much more HP from the very same sort of motor), can’t tow much of anything at all, and are pathetically gradual. The ONLY excellent issue about a Transit is it’s fuel economy and relieve of acquiring in and out of it.