My automobile has 123,000 miles about it.

I have a 1.6L engine with a 4-speed automatic with overdrive.

With the A/C off, it gets 24MPG; with all the A/C about, it slumps right down to 18-21MPG.

I have changed my air filter plus spark plugs; my gas filter was ok.

My auto is absolutely slow. I have utility vans plus buses pass me whilst I’m accelerating from a stop. It’s not thus bad without the A/C, nevertheless even then your acceleration isn’t great.

My engine is supposedly rated for 110HP, however it isn’t placing out almost because much; my girlfriend’s Ford Probe has 110HP plus it out paces my vehicle without even struggling. If you floor it, it downshifts plus revs absolutely loud nevertheless nevertheless scarcely goes anywhere.

The engine sounds fine plus doesn’t sputter or anything. My parents’ are getting 27MPG off their 2.4L ’96 Altima plus 27MPG off their 2.0L ’90 Camry when I’m getting 18-21MPG from a 1.6L engine, the smallest of all these.
Below are certain more details.

For the individual recommending the thermostat is bad, my radiator has a break inside it plus leaks continually whilst the auto is about. The auto refuses to overheat.

I have checked the tranny fluid plus it’s at the right level plus has no blackening.

I have tried gas injector cleaner without results.

I purchased a K&N air filter. It helped a small, nevertheless not much.

I changed my spark plugs plus 3 were beige inside color, indicating usual gas mixture. The initial spark connect was white (indicating lean mixture) plus had oil leaking into where it screwed inside.

I’ve had all my belts changed plus none of them were for timing. I have a double overhead cam, thus I don’t believe I have a timing belt anywhere…

Perhaps it is very a connect the catalytic converter?

Answer by noah buddy
Sounds like the transmission is slipping to me, have we looked at the fluid level lately?

Answer by Eric F
put a bottle of concentrated gas injector cleaner inside the tank. nothing from STP, that’s not a good brand.

with all the a/c about, you’ll lose mileage, because the engine is needing to huff & puff more, nevertheless that’s a immense drop, however we do have over 100,000 miles, the engine may be wearing down about we. simply because its an import signifies nothing.
Do a compression test upcoming time we swap plugs. plus employ NGK or Denso plugs.

Answer by CactiJoe
Here’s 1 that many people don’t think of:

The thermostat might eventually fail plus remain inside the open position. Whenever this happens the coolant constantly circulates from the radiator as well as the engine could not reach working temperature as well as the auto is running inside an open loop meaning the mind box or engine administration computer not takes over the changes of gas air blend plus or timing.

The just alternative thing which may be going bad is a catalytic convertor. Whenever they connect up we have technique too much back stress found on the engine plus lose energy plus MPG’s.

Great Luck!


Answer by infoman89032
starter brief or change key 1 or the alternative id check the starter initially result its easyier to receive at

Answer by sin titulo
its possibly posessed. however because lengthy because it doesnt try to drive we off of the bridge, you really need to embrace its unique attributes. :)

Answer by fordman
Just interested, is it equiped with a remote starter? The just different thing might be a brief inside the wiring inside the steering column perhaps.